Our Team

A Team Of Experts Looking To Do One Thing, Grow Your Business.

Thomas Wallin Consulting

Not your average consulting firm.

Our pride is in our work and our first-rate service. The collective talent of our team is built from years of dedication and experience with diverse organizations - from solo practices to 50 plus employee businesses. Connecting the right minds together produces unexpected and powerful outcomes.

Thomas Wallin, Esq.

Founder and CEO

Thomas puts his years of experience as a law firm owner and marketer to work for you. Starting as a solo practitioner in criminal defense, Mr. Wallin grew his practice to four lawyers with four support staff, eventually selling his firm in 2014. Since becoming a lawyer in 1998 Mr. Wallin has always had an interest in marketing. Having been a member of multiple mastermind communities Mr. Wallin was able to learn from the best and now shares his knowledge with like-minded businesses. Currently a member of multiple mastermind groups, Mr. Wallin stays up to date with the latest trends and makes sure his clients benefit from his experience.

Peter Webb

Outside Law Firm Consultant and SVP of Legal Sales at Scorpion

Peter consults with businesses to create and establish digital marketing strategies. He focuses his time on assisting these companies to develop a distinct advantage in highly competitive markets - specifically with case acquisition. Having been with Scorpion since its inception in 2001, He has helped thousands of businesses to develop marketing strategies and generate more clients at a better acquisition rate. Navigating appropriate media mixes, diversification of budgets, attribution tracking and calculation, and tailoring a comprehensive plan that suits each firm individually are all within Peter's purview. During the past two decades, he has been asked to appear and speak at well over a hundred conferences, webinars, podcasts, panel discussions, and radio programs.

Crystal Mayer, Esq.


As a lawyer, Ms. Mayer understands the legal marketplace and has worked with Thomas Wallin for over 15 years.

Robert Turner

Director of Digital Design

Robert brings over 20 years of digital expertise to work for Thomas Wallin Consulting clients. With a background in design, user experience, and WordPress, Robert ensures each client is maximizing their digital presence.

Allison Lucas

Director of Client Relations

Allison brings a diverse skill set of skills to Thomas Wallin Consulting. With several years of experience in the mortgage industry as a manager, she understands the attention to detail needed for businesses to succeed in today's competitive market. In addition, with a background in business marketing, Allison is attuned to today’s marketplace and helps ensure her clients are meeting and exceeding their goals each and every month.


Office Manager

Panda is a key member of the team, always ensuring they are working to achieve success for each and every client.
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